Tuesday, December 7, 2010

JOIN the team!

Sorry everyone, I know you all have been very patient but life has recently been very busy for myself (Linda). The team and I are reaching out to you guys to help us out, we're in need of more people to join the Stardoll's Fashion Police team.

List Creators (only two people):
Description- You need a eye for fashion, you need to pick the best of the best and the worst of the worst.

Apply in comments:
How much time do you spend online?:

(we'll also promote a project here on Stardoll's Fashion Police, and we'll give you credit for creating the list)

1st week's Guest judge:
Description- You'll be a judge for a week!
Why should you be a judge?:

Apply, and please forgive me!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Vote which one of these lady wore the outfit the best, results will be public when the first list is published.

So these lady are wearing a pair of torn jeans created by no one other than UndamyUmbrellla. I'm still a big fan the torn jean look! So, who wore it the best Hay_lin75, UndamyUmbrella, or ----Faith----.

Check back later for the list.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Are you a fashionista, ready to be recognized here on Stardoll. Have you ever pictured yourself as the best of best when it comes to style? Well here is your chance to be seen and talked about, welcome to Stardoll's Fashion Police.

You may know our panel of judges, Tylerisbold owner of Tyler's Top Trends (one of the hottest fashion blogs on Stardoll), Miss_LolitaF previous owner of Lipstick Magazine, Big Brother Stardoll and lets not forget about her blog The Stardoll Shiner. Last judge is I, Elite-girl, owner of Stardoll's King of Media and big fan of bashing outfits, are you ready for us?

Do you belong on our best dressed list? Place your user-name in the comments section and see what we have to say about your outfit. Keep in mind that we are not here to kiss your ass, if your outfit looks like trash we will say something about it.

Keep your eyes out for our first list, you may just be on it!

CREDIT for the idea goes to E! Network